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Stock Market Education and Trading Tips

At ThomsettStocks.com we provide education on Stock Market Trading in a variety of ways and we like to think we have something for everybody – best of all it’s all FREE! You can access the stock market education and trading content you desire directly from this home page (click the picture button to go to your content). Click here for a welcome message from Michael Thomsett to learn more about this site.


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More about ThomsettStocks.com

What better way to educate you on the stock market than to show you how I personally trade stocks using Candlestick Charting?

All the stock trades you see on this site which are part of this portfolio are created and managed solely by me, Michael Thomsett, using the experiences I have gained from trading stocks and options for more than 35 years. Everything you see is a real-time trade using standard brokerage software. That being said, to avoid any conflict of interest, all of these stock trades are made in a separate virtual portfolio and neither I nor any member of my staff hold any of these positions in any of our personal accounts, so you can be confident that nobody on this site is engaging in a ‘pump and dump’ or similar underhanded tactic. The purpose of the stock trades I present on this site is solely to educate you in a wide variety of stock trade scenarios so that you can learn from what you see here and improve your own stock market trading education.



I am also the best-selling author of Options Trading books in America. If you are interested in learning how to trade stock options, I can help you with that too. Click Here to visit our OPTIONS TRADING WEBSITE.